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Writing: Clear Your Head


When you or your character need a moment to take a break from everything.
Just take a deep breath and think about your next step.

Seventh of the instrumental series for writing:
01. Battle | 02. Journey | 03. Not Alone |
04. Pain & Loss | 05. New Hope | 06. So Darkness I Become
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I'm working on a really difficult term paper and this has helped me so much with focus and flow in my writing. Thank you! I'll definitely be coming back for more next semester.

Great selection of songs, this sort of music is so great to work, very inspirational. Being a film composer must be so great. have a listen to my mix, I think you'll like it!

Oh my gosh your mixes are so fantastic. I wasn't really feeling like writing, and then I put this mix on. INSTANT motivation! Thank you so much for all your hard work on these mixes!