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Writing Session: Be your own Hero(ine)


This might be weird to add to my writing session, but this mix is for moments when you need to clear your head, get off your chair and start working out. This compilation of dubstep, hip hop, pop, dance & mashups will make your heart pound and your muscles hurt.

But it's worth it.
So get up.
Work out.
Be your own hero(ine).
And then get the hell back to writing.

27 tracks
6 comments on Writing Session: Be your own Hero(ine)

When i go to the gym i dont put the work out playlist like others i put this and i kick some ass doing that. Thanks soooo much fot this playlist.

This playlist has helped me so much with NaNoWriMo- whenever I start to lose confidence, I just listen to this and it makes me feel like I can do anything ;) Thanks for sharing!