33 comments on Writing: So Darkness I Become by selenne

This playlist just saved my life ok like I needed inspiration for a gothic fic and LO BEHOLD THIS SHOWS UP ON MY TUMBLR DASH bless your soul ok

Not on the job, they ain't... they're always cackling with inner mirth planning their next coup against the goodies. It's the Heroes who are full of self-pity during their down-time. Villains take off their supersuits and knock off with the gals... Anyway, love this mix; keep adding to it mate, and thanks!

Great selection of songs, this sort of music is so great to work, very inspirational. Being a film composer must be so great. have a listen to my mix, I think you'll like it!

I love your writing mixes, they're so useful. I don't have a lot of scores in my iTunes so it's perfect and I discovered so many masterpieces. Thanks :D (It fits my character so much, ugh)

The most hunting track was the plague from assassin's creed 2. Totally blew me away. Honestly I can totally picture the villain in a church, remorseful, but on the verge of some evil plan. Lol. I love your tracks!

I love your description and title! That's totally how I feel about villains. The best villains are the ones that you end up rooting for despite all their bad decisions...the ones who are so flawed but human and relatable at the same time.

I love your playlist, you chose great pieces of music! And finally somebody who has the fantastic sountrack of Battlestar Galactica in her mix, thank you and well done! ;)

This is fabulous! It really helps me get into that writing mode. Just curious, where do you find the music for these?

thank you :) well, I have got a pile of movie/tv show soundtracks, so I'm trying to fit it the best way I can. Also, trailer music is amazing, too. such as two steps from hell, or x-ray dog etc.