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raised by the nuns · sergio


Sergio is probably my favv character (sorry Ivan, sorry you other people) in my roommate's story about demons & flaming angels. And he loves music so he needed a playlist all about him. Also because my roommate asked me to make a playlist about him. But I love Sergio a lot.
Sorry I've got the flu.
(Sergio has actually been raised by the nuns, cool story yeah?)

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Omg this playlist is truly wonderful I wish I was the lucky girl you made this for - I guess she's also beautiful and funny omg I am - I mean, she's the best person ever. Btw it's truly amazing, you have a gift for music my dear <3

@sig.stra I KNOW RIGHT? Actually she's not so funny nor beautiful, she's more like an abat jour but she's so lucky to have me as roommate! CC: (Jk, you go gurl, write some more about my favv gays > Sergio. He's all my favv gays)

@senboo but a verry sexy abat jour. mlmlmlml heine lampe ;)))) (no btw you're awesome senpai. I've wrote this evening btw, in this chapter there are dragons and ppl made of metals that walks on a highway toward a mystical black hole)