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живем один раз (#yolo) · ivan


Did I say I was going to make just one playlist for my roommate? No, i didn't. So here the one for the other main character of 'In Nomine Patris': Ivan. I love him v much too because his life sucks more than mine and he's got green hair. You go, girl.

cover art original image © leppu
(also I hope google didn't let me down and the russian title actually means 'yolo')

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OMG what a surprising surprise I cannot believe this gift from u omg such an unexpected surprise - did I say I didn't expected this? AHAHAHAH WELL I LIED. No btw I love u so much gurl best romie ever xoxoxoxo - okay I will do two drawings for you know, 'cos I feel bad for making so many requests LOL (but it's your fault for being so good in creating playlists. you deserve much more love from like everyone)

@sig.stra YASSS DRAW FOR ME! [phantom of the opera voice in the distance] Anyway, you know I enjoy making this stuff so ask whatever you want~!