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the dopest duo


a certain degree of illness is due for the team that fights sith lords before morning caff, and wipes out separatist legions before lunch. not just a team. THE team. the dopest duo ever to walk the soils of ten thousand worlds. the most gorgeous generals in the high republic army. the brawn and the brains, the suavity and the sheer power.


{ absolutely sick beats for the negotiator and the hero with no fear }

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I really wish I could read the annotations...but even without them, I enjoy this mix. It is such a great cleaning-the-dorm mix. I can feel myself becoming a sassy Jedi Master just listening to it.

My computer has decided not to load the annotations, but I can reassure you that you have a playlist that is very well-made in that I really didn't need them. This /sounded/ like music for when these two are getting into trouble, or being observed just being BAMFs. So basically their soundtrack. It's a wonderful change from the pervasive angst of the duo (angst has its time and place, of course, but it's nice to have options). I ended up liking a lot of the songs with your introduction to them! Thanks for making this playlist! (Tl;dr: This playlist is really well-made and I like it a lot.)