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calm cafe


a mix of songs for sipping a hot drink, reading books on a lazy afternoon, or for studying in a little calm cafe.

it's mostly made up of calm songs by artists like dj okawari, nujabes, and urban zakapa. there are a few instrumentals in there as well.

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@sorako I'm back again. Studying went well. I checked out a few of your other playlists and they're great. Do you have a favorite one to recommend?

@Vajuras haha tbh this is probably my most favorite mix i've ever made ! i just really like k-indie songs and the whole cafe vibe haha :)

@sorako hahaha, i pretty much only use 8tracks to listen to these kinds of playlists. I'm a huge fan of k-indie and downtempo, so if I could open my own cafe/bookstore these kind of songs would loop 24/7.

@Vajuras i know right!! i love the thought of sitting down in a cafe and hearing all the lovely songs ahhhhh... it would be so so relaxing and nice to listen to while reading or studying or chatting at a cafe. haha i guess that's the reason why it's called "calm cafe"