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vanilla serenity.


a mix for vanilla ice cream and relaxation :) a soft breeze to wisp through your hair and a smile on your lips is what this day is all about.

i hope your day is serendipitous more than any other.


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@ohnawkmik thanks so much! i'm glad that you liked it! and the artist who painted this is so amazing and you should totally check out more of their work :)

@sorako Oh yes! I actually did! :) I love to collect these anime-like fantasy pictures ^_^. Loved the Lost Babylon from her as wel :)

@sorako Guess what! I checked your tumblr, and I'm Korean as well, and guess what again, INTJ as well rofl. Love both of your blogs! So minimalistic and perfect!

@ohnawkmik what a coincidence!! and thank you so much! haha i don't think that my blogs are very good yet, but still, thank you!!!! :)