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fanmix yaself


order of the songs:

1. a song you've heard live
2. a song you fall asleep to
3. a song for your wedding (im not getting married though so i put a song that makes me feel all fluttery inside n stuff)
4. a song you sing in the shower
5. an instrumental piece
6. a song for your favourite season
7. a song with a colour in the title
8. a song by your favourtie band/artist
9. a song for your otp (vmin 4 the win)
10. a song to kick ass to
11. an upbeat song
12. a song for sadness
13. a song to make you feel better
14. a silly song (idk i put a song that just makes me laugh??)
15. a song for the credits

heres the template i used:

AAHHSJ this mix is all over the place my apologies.. but enjoy i Guess??

15 tracks
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