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Studio Ghibli


Playlist containing several of my favourite soundtracks from my most beloved studio ghibli movies. Enjoy :)

I had to do several edits to the playlist, this being because of the new update to 8 tracks towards this coming September 28th so I've probably missed some tracks. If you have any suggestions on what I've missed please let me know!

29 tracks
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This playlist is so FREAKING AWESOME!! I have been listening to it every time i study which is everyday haha :) Really love this playlist... Hope you will update with more songs too !! Thanks so much for creating this study playlist !

@Chiaxuan Thank you for loving this playlist a TON!!! Since they're 8 tracks are updating their system on Sept. 28 I will be changing some of my songs on the playlist only slightly so lemme know how you like it

Translating a japanese text right now and this playlist is helping me focus. Thank you very much. (and I've got the sudden urge to rewatch Totoro for the 12365431th time XD )

Studio Ghibli was my childhood, their movies are my favourite things in the world. Thank you for being so wonderful and creating this playlist. It's so nostalgic :)

@sophitysoph You're extremely welcome :) I agree with you wholeheartedly about them becoming apart of your childhood since they became mine when I was a kid, and I still enjoy watching the beautiful artwork that Miyazaki has put into such masterpieces

This is such a great playlist, I'm speechless! It makes me want to have a Studio Ghibli marathon all over again! And the order of how you out the songs in is very great. Hayao Miyazaki is amazing! The first movie that I've seen from Studio Ghible was Spirited Away. Haha, anyways the soundtrack is just the best thing ever! (I agree with you about the studying part) thank you for making this!!!

@fujoshi_otaku Thank you so very much!!! And I have to agree with you there on the marathon, I have some catching up to do with the Wind Rises and When Marnie was there. I'm so glad you love it :)