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At the time this compilation has been made Trump has imposed a ban over human beings, who want to travel to the United States from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, including refugees, immigrants and U.S. residents with a green card, the latter being people belonging to existing social environments inside the U.S., others with family members and friends in the U.S. or needing to escape war, hunger and oppression.

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If you did your research, you'd know that the list of countries had been expanded by the former President Obama. Sad you need to bring politics into this, rather than just introducing music.

@BlueCanvas Hi BlueCanvas. Thank you for your comment. Without wanting to praise the Obama administration here at all (i do reserve criticism for it), there's quite a difference between flagging respective countries out of concern and enhancing an already strict vetting on the one hand and an outright ban that disrupts social environments (still does), while doing nothing for that thing called national security, on the other. As for politics and music, There's little I can think of that doesn't qualify for an inspiration for a playlist, and be it angry reaction. Finally, this is already a conversation. Nothing bad about that, and no place too bad to have it.

@sepiae No need to explain. I am educated and I am second generation of immigrants. I lost interest in your playlist when you mentioned Trump. I would have listened to the music without the political stance. Tagging it "anti Trump mix" sends an anti-message/agenda. I'm interested in a pro- music message. Thanks for your reply. Have a good day :)

@BlueCanvas Well, I do feel compelled to reply when an increase in vetting is seen as equal as such a ban. Political stance: as you said, no need to explain once more. Anti Trump: I am. And will always be able to defend this position. Pro-music message: is what this mix can and should be seen as as well. Thank you as well, and have a good day, too ;)

"who want to travel to the United States" lol. Why the United States when they can flee to Saudi Arabia, Iran or another country which shares their culture? Makes no sense whatsoever. (I’d like to flee to Japan as well, but luckly enough for them they are too nationalistic to allow mass migration, and guess what I have mad respect for them just for that). Oh, and it's actually the Obama administration that identified the seven countries as "countries of concern", Trump just applied the ban. As a liberal, I just don't like the idea of innocent lives being perturbed because their government did some mistakes. If you care so much about refugees then welcome them all in your homes instead of allowing your country's economy to be wasted on people who will hardly ever integrate. Merkel's Germany is a beautiful case of such stupidity, a country with ~400,000 homeless people which received millions of refugees from countries it has almost nothing to do with.

Building apartments for migrants when your own people are dying in the streets. Oh my, what a beautiful instance of humanitarianism! Right.

@Mescaline Dream thank you for your comment, Mescaline Dream. regarding your question why 'they' don't flee to Saudi Arabia or Iran, was the question rhetorical or are you indeed seeking an answer? I'd be interested in what you'll find when taking into account these 2 countries' record of taking in refugees, the question whether anyone would want to flee into countries where Sharia is fully applied, and other factors. I'd disagree meanwhile with your assessment that all these countries 'share the same culture'. They're 7 different countries, not all attached to another, and they have their own cultures (which is also reflected in their respective music). As for Japan, I could in principle move there. Immigration bureaucracy is a nightmare, but I could, I am that privileged. I don't know where you're from, so I can't speak for you. I can also go to Canada, Australia, what have you. That changes, of course, the moment when I really have to flee something. Obama certainly IDed even more countries of concern, you bet, among them also Pakistan and, well, Saudi Arabia. They might not be on a particular paper in question, but you bet. That's still not trying to ban people from those countries, especially refugees; there's an obligation here. Which includes the idea of innocent lives being perturbed due to their governments making mistakes, as you put it, for example by declaring war on these, their people, torturing them, what have you. Finally, from one liberal to another, nationalism is no luck for any country that desires it. It's the presage of its eventual downfall. Let me know what you come up with in your research.