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Our House


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thanks to candid.utopia, boven de grijze wolken, katcosmonaut, letsmoveourbootybutts & extreme dinosaur.
and that house.

16 tracks
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@sepiae Oh! I don't know. :\ I think maybe it works normally in Canada cause I've never experienced any problems. I've heard things have changed for other countries though...but just for the app? Or I guess...for everything?

@katcosmonaut it had happened before, i don't know what the workings are. i informed Sam (from the staff), he's as annoyed as i am and is already tracking this crap. don't know what rights thinks it has there, but when it cannot find a track on its own site it just randomly replaces it with smthg similar sounding - as a result the opening track for my latest was shown as a sports event video ...