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If intelligent life is a cosmic phenomena, not only
a local, terrestrial, then it is likely that there are
those that make it, and those that don't. Those who get
their priorities straight, and those who, by means of
causing environmental catastrophe, by letting their
population explode, by clinging to superstitious beliefs
and their extremist extents, and by the wars caused by
these and other factors, will destroy their world and
themselves before evolving into such consciousness.
Which of these will we be?

We're in a race.

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Halfway through - my god why didn't I listen to this before! I guess I'm not a very big fan of your cuts and "cartoonized" effect, fad that unconsciously makes me want to avoid grabbing your mixes. Not to mention that lately I've been losing touch with my taste for modern classical, minimal, deep techno, ambient and such. All I know is that I am back now, less pretentious than ever. 10/10, by far one of the most inspiring and thematically vib(e)rant mixes I had the pleasure of listening to so far. :)