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The Fabulous Adventures of Nellie Bly, Reporter


Celebrating the 152nd Birthday of Nellie Bly, journalist, writer, feminist, swashbuckler, record-breaking globe trotter, president of 2 companies, patent-holder & designer of milk-cans, war-correspondent, friend of the poor and patron of orphans

full HQ cover:

this one's a bit lenghty
for a short while downable here, complete with tracklist, timeline and sing-along:

for more about her

70 tracks
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Have you been browsing the UCSB cylinder audio archive? (if you haven't, you should) Challenging playlist,this one. I like it so far, though.

@boven de grijze wolken that and others, and not for the 1st time :) yeah, you might wanna try the link, also coz, depending on where you are, it might not play everything here. there's also a combined tracklist & timeline in the upload. but yeah, needed to be faithful to my girlfriend Nellie... :)

@sepiae I'm in Belgium. Will try the download link soonish. My wife has a new laptop and all my settings are screwed up since, will need to check my dropbox profile first.

@boven de grijze wolken don't think you need a dropbox account for downing it. even if you're in Belgium. i think you can choose between saving it to your db-account or directly downing