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awesome soundtracks (part I)


Sometimes when I watch movies all I can focus on is the music. Makes for some nice background noise when I feel like relaxing :)

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I can't listen to this soundtrack anymore because I live in the UK :( is there any chance you could give me a list of the songs so I could still listen? It was my favourite playlist of all time!

Awesome mix are all your mixes. I am a fan!
Can you please clarify the singer of "Now We Are Free" from Gladiator? I am almost certain it is an Australian singer called Lisa Gerrard who sang that track for the film, but Enya may well have done a version too. The one you include is beautiful, so I would like to know which version it is so I can buy it.
Thanks for the tracks :)

Hey sorry I don't know how it got mislabeled, you are quite right it is Lisa Gerrard. Thanks for pointing it out.
Glad you enjoy the mix!