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normal people scare me


My American Horror Story inspired mix including songs featured on the show.

  • 10 - That Home by uzuncteyze
  • Lavender Moon by Haroula Rose
  • Walking With A Ghost by M, The Mighty Quinn
  • Tonight You Belong To Me by kateharski
  • For Everything A Reason by Carina Round
  • Girl with One Eye by 1
  • Hazard by Gossling
  • '97 Bonnie And Clyde [LO2 Remix][Eminem Cover] by Tori Amos
  • Sweet Dreams by Merilyn Manson
9 tracks
3 comments on normal people scare me

sorry to anyone who's listening for having two versions of eyes on fire, i couldn't choose! if it bothers you leave a comment saying which one you like better and I'll delete the one (:

i have (: i love that song too i just used this song cus i like the lyrics better for the theme of my playlist lol and i kind of wanted like a short "intro".

i just listened to your mix again and i LOVE that cocorosie song too! i just watched their kexp show a couple weeks ago, they're amazing kind of remind me of bjork & ellie goulding but with cooler instruments.