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The (Sa)Meera Bai Mix


I no longer think songs are written with as much sense as we liked to attribute to them back then.

But, yeah, lice(lies) are lousy all the time. And so I wouldn't lie and make excuses.

I do have a request though:

You're so nice and you're so smart. You're such a good friend, I hate to break your heart. I'll tell you that I love you and then not wish you on your birthday.

Just pretend it's your birthday today.

42(!) tracks of us.

Belated Happy Birthday!
Or Happy Belated Birthday?

41 tracks
2 comments on The (Sa)Meera Bai Mix

What do I even say? Except that of course I cannot ever be angry at the single most insane, inconsistent, crazy, lovely, always 'seriously joking' woman I have known since the past 6 years. I know that I can not talk to you for more than eternity at a stretch and yet I will always be comforted by the fact that I know we will always be there for each other.

And heaven is overrated. I fell from a shooting star and you missed me while you were looking for yourself out there. And my reaction...

1. Yes I think we dissected each song by line, - damn, that was stupid and INTENSE. it's funny but it's my most memorable memory of us. 'Supposed former infatuation junkie... Did you just call her amazing? Surely we both can't be amazing..."

2. Don't even pretend that I will pretend it's my birthday today. You are late by a good 15 days. You have successfully broken a 5-year long tradition by your calculated act of callousness (or indifference? :( ]
But your cuteness is rubbing off on me and I cannot sustain this pretense of a deeply hurt twenty year old.

3. I love you. I love you. (and life, the universe and everything is incomplete without you.) Can't wait for Sommy and Sam's shenanigans, late night conversations, movies, deeply disturbing thoughts. haha.

4. You are kind of a dirtbag, 4 songs into this I figured you basically took the songs I made you a CD out of and put them on this... ( This is obviously a lack of effort on the part of Bora Bora ) Now it's fine as long as you put teenage dirtbag on it.