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You're Invited to The Focus Party


R.S.V.P. right now!

Be efficient. Where is your focus? Where should it be? Get it there!

Need something that isn't so calm it puts you to sleep but won't drive you crazy when you're trying to concentrate? These are some upbeat songs with no words to keep you awake and focused.

Now press play and hit the books. You can do it!


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have been listening to this track since it was created. Now and then I tend to try and listen to other playlists but I always come back to this one <3 love how before the next song plays I am already playing the rhythm in my head. thank you

This is really helping me focus in preparing for my trial advocacy class. I have a final (where I am trying a case in front of judge) and this playlist helps me focus!! Thanks!!

I've been listening to this playlist since college and now it's helping power me through grad school. Thank you so much for helping me bob my head in the library through the years.