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Red vs Blue Character Themes


A playlist for songs that describe various RvB characters! Character names will pop up in the annotation. A few bonus tracks at the end, because sometimes I couldn't choose just one song.

1. Church. 2. Tucker. 3. Caboose. 4. Blue Team. 5. Sarge. 6. Grif. 7. Simmons. 8. Donut. 9. Lopez. 10. Red Team. 11. Texas 12. Doc. 13. O'Malley. 14. The Meta. 15. Carolina. 16. Felix. 17. Locus. 18. Texas (Bonus). 19. Tucker (Bonus)

19 tracks
2 comments on Red vs Blue Character Themes

This was so good. Holy crap. The annotations dont show up on mobile so I had to guess and I got all but one (renegades) this is a masterpiece. Given the circumstances with this fandom and how we're all pretty destroyed after the finale, it's nice listening to fan mixes and having fun not crying. I probably listen to this maybe twice a day.

(Renegades is the theme for the blue team btw) but wow, i'm glad you liked it so much! it's good to have a nice fanmix for these trying times, i agree. damn you Church and the feels you induce