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The old piano

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I'm glad you guys liked it. More sweet playlists coming soon. Meanwhile, if you liked this one you might also like "knowledge". They are all made with love.

:) Happy to discover that you included my improvisation on "The heart asks pleasure first" by Michael Nyman. Thanks!

@milanazilnik It is definitely one of my favorite piano songs and you performed it in such a unique way that I couldn't help to include it. It is a great improvisation, thank you for playing this beautiful music for us Milana.

@sergiocov It was one of my favorite piano pieces too (and the movie itself is brilliant) and I've never had a note sheet to play the original version. So, I just had to figure it out how to play it by ear :) Did you see the recording on YouTube? I played it differently (it's improvisation, so I can't repeat it exactly the same each time) but the recording is better than on SoundCloud. I just got a grand piano in my studio and my husband is figuring out how to record it :) Acoustic recording is tricky.