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Ladies, Tell 'Em! pt.2

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@lili938988-594 there's one that's an actual version and there's another one that is the boy version. i think they just made the vocals deeper because the bass is deeper as well. ;u; i actually like the boy version it sounds great ^*^

@s.coups Hello, how are you? ;u; I'm trying to correct it because i uploaded it and 8tracks keeps messing up the audio! It's totally fine on my computer - it is EXID's Ah Yeah - but when i upload it, it goes to another song named "Ah Yeah"! (i believe it is a paramore song? but i don't even have paramore songs in my computer) either way, i'll download it again and hopefully 8tracks will correct this thing! i'm sorry for any trouble this caused to you! thank you for listening to my playlist!

@seungrietc no problem!! I really really like ur playlist. ur so nice uvu omg it ok it didnt cause me any problem!! i just wanted to point it out to u just in case u didnt notice, thats all. :))

@s.coups Thank you so much ;w; aw, you're the one who's nice! I fixed it, somehow???? I don't know what I did, but now it's the correct song ;u; Thank you for enjoying my playlist! <3