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Fuckyeahjapanandkorea Tumblr Playlist


10h playlist!!

This took me so long to make though omg
Didn't realize I have THAT many songs in my playlist wow

had to change some names btw

Enjoy! ♥

153 tracks
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This one went straight to my favourites. Great mix to relax. Discovered a lot of incredible artists, thank you!

너무 좋아!!!!!! I've been looking for good kpop & kmusic in general especially when my friends keep bugging me to introduce them to it (although problem is I grew up in uk so I don't know much even though my nationality dictates that I should ;w;). Not just that though, I go to your page every time I want to cheer up and listen to music. I rediscovered my love for korean songs is the beautiful background instrumental accompaniment to a lot of them. Thank you fwend with same name for the hard work you put into uploading this. I cannot thank you enough 。* ゚ + 。・゚・。・ヽ(*´0`)ノ ♥

@bunsun Aw, I never thought my playlist could bring so much joy to someone's life! I'm happy to hear that you rediscovered your love for kmusic! I love listening to calm kindie songs, it's just so soothing! I hope you have a lot of songs to introduce to your friends now ^^ you're very welcome!! ♥