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elevator music

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Hi! I have to say, I really really love this mix! I play it at my work and it makes me happy, relaxed and focused. I just wanted to let you know, your track "Rain Rain" by Clubsequencer is miscredited: it's actually "Rolling Girl" by Ashestoashesjc. I loved that song so much I wanted to buy it and it took a while to find the right version. Thanks for this lovely mix! :)

@OrigamiPaperAngel Thank you so much!! Elevator music has always been a source of entertainment and happiness for me, so I'm glad I could share that feeling with you! And about the track "Rain Rain", thank you for pointing it out! It was originally posted by Clubsequencer on soundcloud, and that's how it first found its way onto this playlist, but I believe I fixed it. Thanks again! :)