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pumping station


8tracks +2clipz to prime the pumps of sewersounds radio initializing tonight (March 10th) on 88.1FM 10pm-mid EST
featuring music by Unit Moebius, Pearson Sound and Model 500 remixed by Mad Mike. Introducing our logo design by Jason Arnone

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SOF - thanks for listening and your feedback!

For sure some inspiration for the logo was found in manhole covers, but of higher design priority was that it 'closely related' to the aquabahn logo. I think c-spy accomplished that ++. over time we can manipulate interpretations of it for various implementations and indeed a manhole cover version is very attainable.

ooh and yeah, I gotta loop/record those spooky water drops longer then 3 seconds - it's on today's 2du list!

WHAAAA over dam U and one more thing spooky water drops was to short to be spooky!! *hitting <3 now* THX!