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Wear My Name: A Marvey Fic Fanmix


Backed into a corner by a law Harvey can't side-step, he decides Mike is his only way out. They're getting married, and Mike really has no say in it. "The Proposal"(2009) AU (Includes music featured in the fanfic by Lunarflare14)

15 tracks
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if your ao3 name is the same as on here and you bookmarked wear my name as "unfinished" I assure you the actual plot of the story is finished. the reason it remains incomplete is because there are still bits of fluff being added on as epilogues. they are things that don't really have anything to do with the story arc... just saying if that is you. if not you can ignore me.

Oh, no, that was me!

I'm glad to hear it's finished, though! Now I've got something new to read, woohoo! (I hate reading fics that aren't finished, I'm sure you understand why.)

I understand. you're safe. no major cliff hanger or waiting years to know what happens next in the actual story. the actual plot wraps up at chapter 19, the other three are "epilogues". fluffy stuff tacked onto the end. i'd have messaged you on Ao3 but there is no messaging system.