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i know most people say a song could bring back memories you never thought you'd remember. i dont know if you consider yourself people (lmao), but i just think that it's good to go back and laugh before we go on with our lives. keep this.

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i appreciate the 5 hr work, your mind is just really twisted and i dont know where to go. i'll keep this, you keep my stuffs that made you insane. youre losing me brad, fuck distance, i'll take the scientist by coldplay with me. and fall into me. i killed tonks for the nth time.

clap clap. lmao. speechless. hindi ko alam, grabe! good job. you really did a good job. ;) im on cloud nine and my sentence structure sucks. THAANKK YOU!

almost 5 hours ako dito. para lang ma i public kaso hindi ko talaga makita kahit nag faq na ako. sorry na. lmao.