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entitled to sea and moons


“My glooms and my chaos of millenia massed together / Massed together by a slow process, man for man, death for death / So many suns, so many sea-snakes and so many systems / I am entitled to sea and moons and to skirmish and despair.”
— Turgut Uyar, The Trinity of Sea-Faring Blues Reduced to One (translation: Talat Sait Halman)

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You won't discover new tunes here, nor these are the first time I heard these particular pieces. Some included because they finally clicked with me after listening to them for years (Liszt, Brahms), some I burdened them with memories because this year has been hard on me and on everyone I know (Rachmaninov, Shostakovich). All in all, this is just a very personal list of music that I turned to, or simply music that I loved because *why not* (Tchaikovsky), organised in such a way so it will not be too jarring to listen to.

Here's hoping 2017 will be less taxing to survive.a