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crying over boybands


i know it's hard to fall in love with people that will never get to personally know you or the little things about you. but it's okay. it's because of them that you have that smile on your face every day. don't ever tell yourself that you're not good enough for them because if they had the time, they would talk to you forever. so take a deep breath. it’s ok to cry. you're the reason they made it. you're the reason the smile is on THEIR face every day. it's all thanks to you, angel.

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We love them They're our reason to be Our reason to keep going The sense of Our life But we konw that we'r never going to see them They're never going to meet us and loving them knowing that they will never know us hurts a lot. Becous they are our every thing

The don't realise that they are the reason we smile, the reason we laugh, the reason we carry on. To them we are fans, and it hurts because they are our world. They will never know us, our little things, our moments we dream of having with them.

The way we cherish every photo of them, and dedicate picturess to them. Posters, fb walls, fan-fics, everything.

The way we dream about every inch of them, the way they will wake you up. They will never love us as much as we love them. So boys..don't tell us you love us, because it makes it harder.
I love this so much im in tears :(

wow!!! my favorite mix of all time! people dont get they are just a boyband to us... to me without one direction i wouldnt be here right now i would have given up a long time ago