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Last Night I Had a Dream

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The story line:
-A group of friends take a trip to a family cabin.
-The drive is enjoyable. The stars are brighter than ever.
-At the cabin, an ominous feeling—something's not right.
-A pounding on the cabin door.
-A small group of frightened people barge in.
-They describe a terrifying incident. Many dead. Eaten alive.
-They ran as fast as they could, but they were followed.
-We break out the cabin's shotguns and a few pistols and wait.
-Awful cries are heard near the cabin.
-We see a shadowy mob approaching swiftly.
-Attacked from all sides! Windows, doors, chimney! Zombies!
-People falling to the undead left and right. Shots fired. A war.
-I escape the cabin with one friend and we get in the jeep.
-1 shotgun left. 4 shells.
-The road is packed with Zombies.
-We run them down, gun down those that hang on.
-We make it to a ranger station. No bullets left. Undead horde in hot pursuit.
-The doors won't hold long.