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A mix that reminds me of Khaleesi getting ready for battle and in the heat of battle in Season 7
She is finally home where she was born and plots her battle plans to overthrow the Lannister's and take back her rightful throne! I think these songs fit her very well, showing strength, bravery, and power.

22 tracks
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Great Mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Provide More Info On These Tracks-----Halo Legends by Martin O'Donnel & Michael Salvatori Album: Halo Legends - Demise Of A Nation - TheSession Album: Consipiracy Theory Music - Into The New World - Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe Album: Into the New World - The Jade Emperor by Bandcamp Album: The Jade Emperor - Dragonstone - Ramin Djawadi Album: Game of Thrones Season 7