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story songs

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Cool mix , really satisfied , I got a question have anyone used samples from Lucid Samples? I am looking for some acoustic now

@shadowhy thank YOU for such a lovely mix. It really draws out my inner romantic idealist, and I'm glad. It makes me feel so comfortable and content, because sometimes it's hard to remember that I have that in my heart. Thank you for helping me share that love with the world.

This is everything I've been looking for in a mix and didn't know how to find. Advice to people reading this and listening: look for beauty e v e r y w h e r e. In the way a person's voice rises and falls and the timbre of their sound when they talk. In the clamorous sound of life and people rushing around in a train station. In the glimmer of the sun through the trees, or the clouds blowing across the sky in the breeze. In the feel of someone's hand in yours, and the way you feel their pulse beating through their fingers. In the way a piece of paper falls to the floor, gliding through the air and flipping unpredictably yet gracefully. In the imperfections of your own body, the love handles on your hips or the defiance of that one crooked tooth, going against the norm of all the rest of them. Romanticize and imagine and fall in love with life, because you only get to be here in this moment once until it's a part of history forever.