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Sing For the Reluctant Heroes


A playlist mourning the deaths of fictional characters that we will never recover from...but they will live on in us forever.

Note: Some of the songs are from the POV of us, the mourners, and others are from the POV of the deceased characters. Songs 1-7 are in the POV of mourners (us) and are not slow after song 3. Songs 8-14 are from the POV of the deceased characters, and aside from song 8, which is slow and sad, the other songs are more upbeat and triumphant. I tried to make it seem as though even though they were dead, they were able to celebrate the life they had, the demons they slayed, and the fact that they are now in a place where no harm can come to them (make it any afterlife of your choice). Don't be afraid to cry (it helps!) and enjoy!

14 tracks
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