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For Us.


This is for you Dalton, you will forever be my love my soulmate. These songs will always be us. I miss you more everyday. I love you don forget that. Rip. 9.25.12

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@lumineer yeah i totally agree with you i still have those days it sucks but i just know that iys a temporary pain right now & i know that he loved me and i loved him. somday ill see him again. i still believe thay god put me through this because im strong enough to handle it. it sucks tho, bevause still to this day if i try to date someone they think im not ready or have issues (what a recent guy said to me) but the fact that theu cant accept my past of what of what i have been through just proves he isnt right for you. so if that ever happens to you, dont let it bring you down just know your man is making sure you end up with the perfect person. yeah i have instagram! its @shaeazzy same as my name on here :)

yeah in stilk here struggling with not letting it get to me as much i do believe it gets better its just those days take its toll on me and just other stuff doesnt help it but its a self empowering thing really when you over come it. But thank you, defitniely keep you in mind, and same as i to you... :) do you have instagram or anything ?

@lumineer its been over a year since i have losed him... and to be honest it had gotten eaiser but there are days where it feels like i just found out. i keep my head up and strive to make myself better. let yhe pain hurt when it does but dont self inflict it on yourself, that doesnt help the recovery process. im sorry for your loss too. if you ever need someone to talk to please come to me, ill always be here! ❤️

i love my boyfriend 8 months 3 weeks and a day ago ... next month would be our anniversey, how are you at this point ?