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the best of days


Just a nostalgic Johnlocky mix, to remember the duo's adventures in the previous seasons:

~ From storing body parts in the fridge to making coffee without sugar( or drugs), from Angelo's to takeaways, from rudeness of both blatant and snarky varieties to 'I've just got one, John', from shooting up smiley faces on the wall to saving landladies, from pissing off the police to jumping off rooftops, from -arrogant, imperious, pompous- to -best friend-.~

8 tracks
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i'm afraid my keyboard will die from the ocean of tears this playlist caused... you owe me a keyboard and a heart thats not broken, just saying :"C

uhhh when Miss You came on I was like nooooo..... but then i was like omg it really is that song and then i was like jawwnnnnnn*gross sobbing come back for Sherlock