Shango Polo
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Amours, délices & orgues

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Handheld typing. Or trying to catch it, a wave an autocorrected French word for a , return , la , ritournelle , quest que say , maybe. La. The sound like a whisper through a large reed, or like a lamb in the field bleed into the night, aural landscapes bright or might keeping wail, belatedly, whisper bleat, no mean feat to never la, when you mean retreat, to a new sentence, or faster than you can comprehend suggest to say it rots, rite now or better, never get her younger, than I did in my memory/ or I did in my way a new girl ad me together say, walking on a beach la. By the pool by the car park by the grocery or in any old room after dark. Exploratory like jazz or cigarettes feelin it rollin around in your mouth and get excited. Taste her like the smoke ephemeral but better, like a bit of thirst and a bit of quench, she splash on my face like the rain when the sun's up there suspended, suspense behind a cloud limned in cool grey - bright rain day la cool change if your chanson demands it/ a new chanteuse if you land it, a strange for stage her to sing, sweet like my own words dropped slowly back into me. The way the evening breeze. Return