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Crushing on You


When you're in the same bed she doesn't realize that you're dreaming of this. To her this is just a sleepover, but to you it's practice for when you two share an apartment.

(Because I have a stupid crush right now and I made this to pump me up to tell her how I feel. Basically these are songs that remind me of her.)

19 tracks
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@shannunonon oh my goodness out of curiosity, did you ever tell the girl how you felt? if so, what was her reaction? sorry if im invading i just cant help but wonder...

@detrimentaluniverse ha, you're good, don't worry. I did tell her on the 4th of July last year and we dated that summer. It didn't work out romantically in the long run, but now we're still good friends. I'm actually dating one of my other friends who probably could have used this playlist when he thought I would be cool to get to know and then got a huge crush on me at the beginning of the year haha

@shannunonon that so cute about that guy you're dating omg and also this mix gave me inspiration to tell my friend that i liked her and she didnt have feelings for me (bc she is the biggest heterostraight to ever exist lol) but she was so accepting and we're still vv good friends and i'm almost over her so yeah. thanks for this :)