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the Ω gate


You wake up, not knowing who or where you are, you are abandoned in a world far from imagination. A bright, colourless, but lively world full of settled chaos, a pure but obscene place. WIth all its underlings, good and bad at once.

Ω epic music, futuristic, electro pop and inspiring stuff Ω

  • Archangel by Two Steps From Hell
  • Dark Urban Epics) by Maker of Men (Fired Earth Music
  • Dream Is Collapsing by Hans Zimmer
  • FEM12 2 Rise From the Ashes (a) (Benjamin N. Kopec) by FIRED EARTH MUSIC
  • Shouldn't Have Done That by Marsheaux
  • FEM17 6 Divinity (a) (Jesper Kyd) by FIRED EARTH MUSIC
  • Love & Loss by Nick Phoenix & Thomas J. Bergersen
  • Road to Glory by audiomachine
8 tracks
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