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move it


girl, whatever happens, never let go of your wild n stubborn spirit.

***not so much a pop power mix as an ambling through the forest, doing whatever you want, and trampling on the grave of your gross uncle and boring mate mix

(a squirrelflight mix about plugging your ears, taking the plunge, overcoming the odds/hardships, and staying 5000 miles away from the boring and gross guys erins wanna ship you with.)

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i love this so much... do you think you'll ever do a leafpool mix? theres not many for her and i love her lots too. if not that is ok though but i listen to this a lot and i love it

@batcoon first n foremost, thanks a bundle :}} and yope. i plan on making mixes for all my faves which leafpool is definitely one of. just keep your eyes open for it. ;}}