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“the sea inside my heart
unknown even to myself
has a rock under its surface
and wrecks any approaching ship
no matter how much I cry”

-— yosano akiko

(honestly, hawkheart is a character w/ so much untapped potential and i personally like mixing and matching the two stories the erin's gave him to form a guy with a lot of purpose as a warrior who gets thrown into being a med cat and tries to tell himself he has value in this new, passive world but still carries the violence from the life he felt was truly his. idk idk. also feather medics.)

10 tracks
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Its really nice to see a mix for Hawkheart! Hes a character i wanted to know so much more about and your mix is gorgeous!

@Measlehound aah thank you so much. i have the tendency to latch onto forgotten erins' side characters and i'm always happy to know other people liked them as well. glad you like the mix n thanks again :}}