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tortured soul funk


indulging in that push and pull, light and dark, now and then, nostalgia and that wanting, wishing, waiting that is love.

5 days feels like 5 months. 5 months feels like 5 years...

sad funk, tortured funk, miserable in love funk.

  • I'll Stay by Funkadelic
  • I'd Rather Be With You by Bootsy Collins
  • Betty Davis Anti love song by mmbubu
  • I Just Wanna Make Love to You (Mark Wayward edit) by A Group Called Smith
  • I'm A Good Woman by Barbara Lynn
  • You Won't See Me In The Morning (Jack Frost Edit) by Betty Davis
  • Lyn Collins Take Me by FABO
  • Fool For You (ft Melanie Fiona) by Cee Lo Green
  • No One's Gonna Love You by Sally Herbert
9 tracks