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Johnlock: A Study in Songs


A playlist following the relationship of John and Sherlock.

1-2: John and Sherlock before meeting
3-8: John and Sherlock's developing friendship/mutual pining through s2, ending with the fall
9-10: John and Sherlock post-fall, pre-s3, while they are separated and Sherlock is thought to be dead
11-13: John and Sherlock trying to figure out who they are to each other during s3
14-18: the conclusion of their story, once they finally communicate and begin their (lasting!) romantic relationship.


1-2: J/S
3-8: J/S/J/Both/Both/J
9-10: S/J
11-13: Both/J/S
14-18: S/J/Both

18 tracks
1 comment on Johnlock: A Study in Songs

I love this playlist! I'm glad to see that there is someone else who associates the same kinds of songs with Sherlock and John. The Decemberists song was especially great for a Johnlock playlist or a Sherlock series playlist in general. There are so many Decemberists' songs that work with the Sherlock series. Almost all of my Sherlock playlists have at least one on it. If you haven't heard the song from them called Record Year for Rainfall, you should listen to it. I swear it should just be Mycroft's theme song. Anyways, amazing playlist!

@KilbeyTheSpaceBunny Thanks so much! I haven't actually heard that song - I keep telling myself I need to listen to more Decemberists because I really enjoy the songs I know, but I just haven't gotten to it yet, haha.