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This is Our World


A playlist of adventure, love, intensity, and flow.

Warning - the first track starts abruptly, please make sure your volume isn't too high; also keep in mind that one of the lures of instrumental music is its dynamic volume changes

[includes annotations for reasoning on song choices/other comments]

art is mine

8 tracks
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AAAA wow i really loved this!!! you captured sormik so well, and the first two pieces especially really felt like they could be a part of zestiria's ost. the cover art is so beautiful too!!! i knew when i saw mikleo playing piano that i had to listen to this mix, and i was pleasantly surprised with the classical music!! thanks so much for making this :>

@shadowhy thank you so much for leaving a comment!!! i'm so happy you enjoyed it so much, i never expected for anybody to listen+enjoy a compilation of instrumental tracks for them, so this really means a lot to me!