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Something Good, Something Bad, a Little Bit of Both


"You said it yourself, bitch - we're the Guardians of the Galaxy!"

Sweet tunes for when you're busy fighting intergalactic crime with a green-skinned alien woman, a wise-cracking raccoon, a living tree, and a walking thesaurus.

15 tracks
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They missed an opportunity by not playing "Take My Breath Away" when Quill and Gamora had that scene floating through outer space. Yeah, they wanted to make it emotional, but it would have been nice to set aside ten seconds for musical puns.

Another awesome addition to the perfect collection of playlists for Guardians! This is just so wonderful, it sounds like it could be part of the actual soundtrack!

@anactoffaith18 Thank you for saying that, it really means a lot seeing as I worked really hard on it to make sure it was perfect! I'm glad you love it and think that it's amazing!

Incredible. So many good mixes coming out of the works and I have to say his is my favorite, so far (shy of the actual film tracks)!

@3amepiphany Thank you so much, that means so much! I worked really hard to get it just right, so it'd feel kind of like a pt. 2 to the actual soundtrack (even though I used 2 songs from the actual soundtrack, oh well). I also agree, there have been some really cool mixes being made because of this film! I'm glad you love it so much!