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weekday afternoons 2.


People liked the first one soooooooooOOoo I made this one, hope you enjoy.
Let me know if you liked this one as well in the comments, I want to keep this like a series,ha.
hope you all had a good day,and remember
things that may be worry some today are not always going to matter.
breathe,kickback and relax.
<3 Shelby Jude.

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This playlist is great haha I think your doing a great job with these, I like the overall mood and vibe I get out of your playlist. I think making this into a series would be a great idea and I would be happy to follow it. Thanks for the inspirational bit as well, much agreed :)

@hyrulean_erric Hi there Thank you sooooo much for this it cheered me up like a lot!I made a new one can you let me know how that one is as well or what I need to change in terms of sound wise or yeah!