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touch me


It was Bucky who would make sure that the entire subway car on that last night train to Brooklyn was empty before he would kiss Steve. They would collapse into each other: endlessly falling deeper and further, until all each of them could see was the other.

This is a playlist for when everything was still new. Their hands still shook as they moved to touch each inch of newly exposed skin, breathless and full of curiosity and love. The only words were each other's names: hymns upon lips. They'd wander down where the sins lie. [young!Stucky]

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I have listened to a lot of Stucky playlist and I read so much fanfiction but THIS.....this is beyond everything I swear....and what you wrote on the description is pure heaven....I mean it's really slow....really romantic...a young love like we know it....congrats...this goes immediatly to my favs

As soon as I heard La Vie en Rose I fell even more in love with this mix. WELL DONE. I absolutely love this, it's so relaxing and sensual, fitting for the "new lovers" theme you mentioned above, and many of the songs fit the time period as well. Definitely a new fave. :)

@ThunderWarp AHH, thanks so much! I'm glad that the theme that I was thinking of when I made this playlist came across because I've been having a lot of young!Stucky feels at the moment. Anyway, I'm so glad you like the playlist! xx