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"If God takes life, he's an Indian giver."


"I fucking hate myself,
I hate my friends....well not really but
I hate my job, I hate everything but you!"-P.H.H

You'll be gone forever tomorrow. There was always a piece of me that couldn't let go. I'll never forget you. R.I.P

Look at the comments if you wanna know the significance of each song.

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4 comments on "If God takes life, he's an Indian giver."

1. 1st night we ever met, we saw This band, heard this song & fell In love.
2.1st Best band u ever introduced me to."If you don't remind me, I won't forget you."
3.2nd Best band. we were all we had, u showed Up at the hospital, I figured I return the favor tonight.
4."Don't let the days go by."Please?
5. 2nd band we saw together.This song reminds me of ur hardcore Atheist beliefs.
6. "You don't know what its like to have to watch somebody die."
7. "And all the things that matter most disappear, here's a toast to erosion and corrosion, Alzheimer and pain."
8.My favorite author, Thanks to you!