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songs that rock school has made me hate.


HA. HAHAHAHAHAHA. OH MY GOD. I FORGOT I MADE THIS. THIS IS GOLDEN. HOLY SHIT. Most of these songs I still cringe when I hear. Except "Friction..." I kind of miss hearing "Friction" on a regular basis now but you can read through the comments on this old as shit playlist and watch me complain about it to Sonia. - Michelle from the Future

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they totally were before I got ridiculously sick of hearing them! hahaha.

we did friction in show band for a total of a year and a half! the only band members that remained the same the whole time was hayden. which is... ridiuclous. ha. two different singers, three different drummers, two different rhythm guitarists, 3 or 4 bassists. that song just needed to die.

and how many more times was great until I had to hear it every. damn. show. haha.