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Get It Done // 01 Arcove


Part 1 of the Get It Done series, 01 Arcove promises the middle energy you need - not too slow, not too high-powered - just enough to be synergetic in putting your best self forward & get all your tasks done. Just add your favorite hot drink - chocolate or caffeine. ;)

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congrats on the gold! for all the focus this has given me, you definitely deserve it - I'm here for pretty much every major assignment!!

@tiredcas that means so much to me Cas! And so happy you're updated on Arcove's achievement on 8Tracks! Thank you for coming back here. :) You can also check out my blog: for self-development reads to go with this playlist. I also have a free 5-page goal-setting workbook that you might want to download to help you figure out what you really wanna do in life and how to get them done! Free download is here:

@Akhil sengar Thank you! I really appreciate it! I'll make more productivity playlists soon as I make time. The whole Get It Done set should be ready sometime this year. I'll also post them on my blog: How did your piece go?

THIS IS PERFECT BLESS YOU <3 Your playlist is literally the only thing keeping me going right now... thank you so much!!!

@hannah777 oh wow thank you! Please include it in your favorites. I'm planning to craft more playlist for the Arcove series, but just busy with my online shop's website. :) You can follow me on Twitter if you wish to say hi @iriszio

@tiredcas hey Cas (i assume that is your name?)! Thank you so much for appreciating my playlist! This is actually a series of productivity mixtapes I'm going to do so there'll be more on my profile :) I personally use 01 Arcove and it's very effective in giving me that boost I need! Stay golden! Hope your essay went great! xx