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Dude, what happened last night?


Not a soundtrack to the party. This IS the party. Kegs in the back.
Big Sean, Shwayze & Cisco, Mac Miller, Cudi, Kanye, Jay-Z and P.Diddy reconstruct one hell of a night as an annotated story unfolds throughout this 11 track mix.

9 tracks
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hi boo I live in Florida now as I told you and these guys asked me to put on rap music (Im so bad at rap music) so I put on this mix and the owner of the house just cranked one of the songs and said "AW HELL YEAH I'LL PLAY BP TO THIS"

Thanks, thanks. <3

they were faggots, but I have met one cool friend his name is Charlie and he has the cleanest dreads I've ever touched, therefore, I'm in love! Have you made any new mixes? actually, I'll just go check.