66 comments on How a life might sound. by ShelteredBeats

I'm an English major at SMU in Dallas and I don't think your major defines your career....and there's lots you can do with the skills you attain as an English major! :) like this playlist.

Of course, lots you can do with an english major...work at starbucks, become a carpenter..i hear janitorial jobs are great..

Ahhhh-mazing. Wish it was longer though, I've been through it twice and now I have to go find another mix to help me finish my paper :(

Oh, you got me. Road to Perdition, A Beautiful Mind, and aøø these glorious composers! You're right, Hans Zimmer isn't the only 20th and 21st century composer we should praise. Thank you for collecting them together into a beautiful mix :)

This is so great to have as background music while I put the finishing touches on my Conservation Biology paper. Thanks so much for taking the time to make the playlist! =)